piKs design creates La Fonction

La Fonction - The brand

La Fonction is a new brand created by piKs design, invented to realign use and experience user, feelings and reason.

Useful luxury, controlled production and high-end manufacturing. La Fonction wants to set new standards in product design by giving itself the freedom of an intermittent collection. Rather than adopting a regular timetable of launches, La Fonction plans to express itself through genuine content and real must-have products.

With a focus on investigation and research, this new brand allows its team to break away from the rut of commissions to produce useful and durable objects based on the free flow of its experiences and desires.

Behind the brand

piKs design, the studio

The global design agency piKs design is behind La Fonction.

The studio was founded in 2005 in Roubaix, by a creative family composed of Christine Cordelette, Pierrick and Sylvain Taillard.

Christine and Pierrick, graduated of ISD Valenciennes, take care of the creative part while Sylvain graduated of a business school, deals with the marketing and commercial aspects.

A family away from the office, a close team in the office

They pool their complementary talents to offer a range of expertise, covering product design, graphic design and spatial design, as well as providing innovation workshops within companies.

Stakeholders of a young companies network successfully galvanizing the Lille metropolitan area, they are the promoters of a pragmatic design, linked to consumers needs as well as economic and industrial reality.

Thanks to collaborations with the leading names in distribution, industry and services, the modestly-sized piKs design agency has become a benchmark in French design.