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Our massive sale ends in 24 hours. Free shipping for orders over $30. Hurry up ♥

Backpack Or Messenger Bag? Here’s How You Decide

September 02, 2019

If you, like many other Australians rely on your bicycle as a method of transport, you’ve probably had to deal with transporting your possessions safely and easily. If you’re still struggling with getting the right type of bag, this is the post for you. Here’s a quick rundown on the two most popular types of bag options that most bicycle commuters love to use, the backpack, or messenger bag.


Here are a list of the most important benefits you need to look out for when deciding between the two, and how well each type holds up:


Ease of use

Both bags are relatively easy to use for the average biker. However, if you are going to constantly rummage around for specific items, a messenger back will probably be the better choice for you. If you’re concerned about ventilation, a messenger bag is also the better choice. A backpack, on the other hand, might be a bit less inaccessible on the go, but it does offer, depending on how you wear it, a more stable transport option with a bit more carrying ability, but can be bulky and cumbersome when you’re off the bike.



Like we said above, a backpack can more often than not have a bit more packing space than a messenger bag. However, more modern messenger bags don’t skimp on storage space at all, but one that’s weighed down can put some strain on your shoulder, where a backpack can distribute its weight more evenly on your back.


Lugging it around

Speaking of distributed weight, this is where the backpack shines through. On average, a good backpack will definitely make carrying it around a much easier ordeal. This is because an overloaded messenger bag will put unwelcome strain on just one side of your neck and shoulders, which isn’t a great feeling. That doesn’t mean you’re safe from pain when using a backpack. In fact, you should try and never overload your bag, whatever one you decide to use.


Ultimately it comes down to what your bag usage needs are. If you’re going to cycle for longer distances, and carry a bit more weight, a backpack is probably your best choice. If, on the other hand, you’re only going to be going about your day in a more lightweight fashion, a messenger bag offers easy access to your goods.


Check out our wide selection of high-quality messenger bags and backpacks, or let us know if you’re still having some trouble deciding. We’ll be sure to take the weight off your shoulders.