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The rules of wearing brightly coloured socks for men

March 02, 2017

The rules of wearing brightly coloured socks for men - Moustache.shopping

The rules of wearing brightly coloured socks for men

The basic rule for men’s socks is quite straightforward and simple, your socks colour must match your trousers’ colour, for instance, your charcoal colour trouser can match dark gray coloured socks. The problem with this rule is that it can be pretty boring. For the more adventurous men, mixing things up with black and white striped socks or some other brightly colourful striped socks can bring out the fun. Here are some tips on how to be stylish with your brightly coloured socks;

#1: When not to wear brightly coloured socks

Funky socks can be bold and solid colours, and classical patterns or some socks that contain novelty items such as cartoon characters. You don’t have to wear these brightly coloured socks to occasions like funeral where you are expected to show your respect . secondly , you may like making bold statements with your business wears , however, leaving polka dot socks or other brightly coloured socks out of business dresses may be ideal.

#2: When you should wear bright socks

If you don’t wear suit and tie every day , you can definitely wear black and white striped socks or other brightly coloured socks at any time, but you need to find a way to make it work even if you can throw such socks on anything.  You can weal colourful socks under these situations;

  • When you want to bring live into a neutral or simple outfit ( for instance, when you combined collared shirts with khakhis), It helps you put some thought into your outfit.
  • When you want to add more colour coordination- a subtle match of your skin colour with subtle coloured socks can add some detailed touch to your outfit.
  • When you need to handle business relating to your stocking feet- Not all business outfits require shoes. In some Asian countries like Japan, shoes are removed before meals, therefore, don’t be scared to show off your brightly coloured socks when you have the opportunity of doing so.  

#3: The rules of putting on brightly coloured socks

  • When you are unsure of what to wear, simply go for contrast. When you are just starting out with brightly coloured socks, you may get confused , simply go for two-three coloured tones of socks but not too radical ones. For instance, the “Argyle” which are the angled-plaid patterns with some simple black and gray background will work just fine. Solid colours may also be good if they come with some stripped patterns.
  • Make sure you coordinate your outfit with your coloured socks. Coordination does not mean you must match, just consider colours that work together , and make sure the socks fit perfectly into the general theme of your outfit.
  • Take note of your contrast levels . contrast in this sense is simply the change from one adjacent colour to another. One rule of thumb is that you should keep the contrast between your trouser at same level with contrast between your complexion and the rest of your outfit.

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