Our massive sale ends in 24 hours. Free shipping for orders over $30. Hurry up ♥

Our massive sale ends in 24 hours. Free shipping for orders over $30. Hurry up ♥

Leather Backpacks



Backpacks are no longer just for schoolkids and campers, and the world has caught on to the fact that they offer more convenience and ease of use than many other alternatives. While the first backpack dates back to the 1930s, modern backpacks have received a makeover, making it an acceptably stylish way to carry books from one class to the next, laptops to and from work, and anything else you might need to haul about town. With most backpacks offering 20 to 30 litres on capacity and an unstructured finish, there is no limit to what you can use them for.

Leaving your hands free, backpacks let you keep texting, calling, and snapping on your phone. You can eat, drink, read, or even hold an umbrella with one or both of your hands, knowing that your belongings are safe and secured to your body in a compact and great-looking environment.

With colour options ranging from basic black to lake green, all available in solid or pattern options, Moustache backpacks are suitable for everyone, from office-based corporate workers to university students.


Even the most attractive backpack isn’t worth its price if it isn’t comfortable to wear. Our backpacks take into consideration shoulder space and torso length, and integrate adjustment measures so they can be worn comfortably by both men and women. Many also come with soft handles, so they can be carried by hand if necessary. Arcuate shoulder straps add comfort by following the natural curvature of the human body, and there are also resin mesh carrying systems available.


Moustache backpacks offer a combination of the following features:

  • Cell phone pockets
  • Interior zipper pockets
  • Interior slot pockets
  • Silt pockets
  • Interior compartments
  • Interior key chain holder
  • Computer interlayer


Make the most of your new Moustache backpack by packing it in the most optimal fashion. Ensure your lightest items are packed first, followed by your heaviest. Place the heavy items against the back and in the middle of the bag. Medium-weight items can be packed around these items. Avoid packing your backpack to over 30% of your body weight to prevent it from placing a strain on your back.