Our massive sale ends in 24 hours. Free shipping for orders over $30. Hurry up ♥

Our massive sale ends in 24 hours. Free shipping for orders over $30. Hurry up ♥

Solar Panel Backpacks

A Range of Stylish & Functional Solar Backpacks Packed With Power

One of the biggest frustrations of travelling with electronics in tow is the possibility that there are no charging ports along the way. Because laptops, routers, smartphones and other devices are mobile - it only makes sense to have a portable charging solution. What if we told you that the very bag that you carry them in could serve as a power source as well? Our range of solar backpacks is a prime example of what ample storage and charging power in one place looks like.

Made From Quality Materials With Enough Space For All Your Stuff

Only the best quality polyurethane (PU) and polyester are used to make these spacious and durable bags. Strong zippers allow for easy access and safety while you carry your electronics.

An Affordable Price Range To Suit Any Pocket

We have a solar backpack for you, whether you’re on a tight budget or not too worried about the price tag. Each design offers excellent features, so there’s no need for you to miss out.

Designed To Feel Comfortable & Look Great Too!

Because electronics can be heavy, the backpack designs are focused on providing comfort while you carry. Sturdy, padded straps mean you can continue to have healthy posture without taking an undue strain on your shoulders and back

This range of backpacks allows you to harness energy fashionably and go about your busy day conveniently.